Thursday, December 10, 2009

Froehliche Weinachten! (Germany)

We are a little out of order on our 'Christmas Around the World Palooza!'. But we are making it work! As tradition holds Christmas in Germany is a Christmas Tree and Gingerbread houses.
We bought a gingerbread house kit again this year! We could haw had homemade gingerbread courtesy of our sister and brother in law but alas had a scheduling conflict! Bummer!
Here is our masterpiece! Yes we placed each and every one of those 'Nerds' one at a time. Worth it!
A thing to behold! Notice Drew's improvised chimney! Snow included!
The kit came with a 1/2 lb of candy, but we basically only used the 'Nerds'. Drew didn't want it to look "junky", and it was as if he read my mind! Two peas in a pod! I LOVE the holidays, and I love Drew!

P.s. We still haven't gotten our tree, because by the time Drew got home this week it was frigid! We'll get it soon! We can't wait to complete our Christmas tour of Germany! Froehliche Weinachten!

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  1. whose the catholic priest posing as santa??? hmm..interesting.