Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Sweet Grandpa!

He never ceases to amaze me! Even after he is gone. I go to my granny's once a week to buy her groceries and clean her house! Today she found a card from my grandpa. It was too sweet not to share!
My grandpa from the time I was tiny made his own cards! He was a wiz on the computer! And I'm pretty sure the first person ever to have the Internet. Anyway I digress, he made his own cards and this one was made for my granny after she became really sick. We all thought we were going to lose her. This is what the card said.
How sweet is that?! That is true love if I've ever read it! I love the little nicknames. Marcie and Maxie! Too sweet.
Oh and just to snazz it up, my grandpa threw in a hula goose! He couldn't be more adorable!!
And on the back just like a Hallmark card he put his signature! Something awesome like "you know who" or "that old guy" but for my granny... She got Maxwell! (not my grandpa's full name)


  1. That is so precious! What a cute man. I love the hula goose! Fabulous!

  2. That is so sweet. A good reminder to keep little notes from each other for your kids/grandkids.