Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cross Country take 2

I gave the Bonneville golf course a try this time and it was so great. I went sans dogs this time but next time they will definitely be bringing them for an off leash run. Couldn't be better.
The first few dips caused a few falls. However the second time lap I can proudly say NO falls! Fabulous. I would say there was marked improvement. Still working on not expending too much energy on my limbs flailing about. I'm getting there. This picture was from my first wardrobe change. I forgot how hot you get.
Just a lovely picture of all the inversion I was on top of.
And a refreshing picture of the mountains! The best part of this expedition was I tried out my new app RunKeeper. I forgot about it on the first lap. Turned it on on my second and it was awesome! I recommend this app to everyone.
I just have the free version and it was flawless. Here are some screen shots if you're interested.
You can set it to any activity you like including running in the treadmill.
Then it maps your course. Even in the middle of a golf course! And your calories and time! Then it logs it on your online account and show your improvement! Awesome!

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