Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well we were supposed to be spending this weekend in sunny St.George with my family.
Parade of Homes, bike rides, food, family etc, etc.
Instead... The upstairs shower sprung a leak, and the tile had to be torn out to find the leak. So we stayed home to get it all sorted out! Bummer!
So to cheer myself up I went on an ikea trip. Found some awesome fabric and started a new project.
Our bathroom doesn't leave much to be desired. We have a sink that Drew fondly calls the 'prison sink'. Complete with exposed pipes and everything.
And a teeny tiny mirror.
I didn't even clean it off. Just to give you the full effect of how miserable it is! Ha!
First of all did you know they make iron on hems?! What?! Why did no one tell me this?!
So I got out my darling pins!
And my trusty sewing machine!
Gathered my assistance around me, and got to work! I made a sink skirt! And I LOVE how it turned out!! We unearthed a mirror from our shed that was given to us a long time ago. (We don't refuse free!) and voilĂ ! A new bathroom!
To attatch th sink skirt I just bought some Velcro at Office Depot, and easy as that the sink was complete!


  1. SOOOOOO cute!

    I love the color!

  2. Linds, you have done so many cute things. The table, the sink skirt, love the jewelry board, way to make your house a home. :) I know Andrew is loving it too. Love you!