Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My New Love!

Thanks to my new laminate floors I have met my new love!
My electrolux ergorapido stick vac!
This little guy gets the job done, and looks beautiful in every room. Truly I don't put it away because I love the color so much!
So it sits on it's charging system in the corner of our bedroom just waiting to be needed. It's so light and convienent I use it everyday just a quick sweep of the room and we are dirt and hair free!
And it breaks down to be used as a dust vacuum. And the charging station holds different nozzles to get the job done!
If you would have told me before I got married that I would LOVE a vacuum, I would have called you crazy and gotten a restraining order! But I love it, and think you would too!

For the final sanity saver! This 5 gallon water bowl! I was spending a large portion of my time at home filling up our dogs water bowls! No joke probably 6 times a day! And they were always thirsty, how miserable to be at the mercy of someone else being in charge of your water. Who has time for that? Now every day and a half I fill up a five gallon water drum and they are good to go! May seem weird, but if you have a dog get one!
Now if we could just figure out a 5 gallon drum of Diet Coke for me, then we would be in business.


  1. Oh my gosh...I WANT ONE RIGHT NOW!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT VACCUUM, HOW MUCH DOES IT COST...I NEED ONE RIGHT NOW! I hate cleaning my kitchen floor and I'm pretty sure that would be perfect. WOW!

  2. Lindsay! I'm glad I posted about it then, it will change your life! haha! I got it at target, but you can sometimes get it at costco for cheaper! It was $99 at target and I think $79 at costco. You should look at, or amazon. Amazon it was the same price as target but sometimes they have the cheaper!

  3. That is one item I wished someone had told me to really spend money on. We got the el cheapo eureka or whatever from Target and I DESPISE it! I'm thinking about getting the Dyson ball...

  4. I just noticed that all the posts were from "Lindse(a)ys", hehe

  5. You are awesome. I am totally going to look for one. Go Lindsa(e)y's!!!