Friday, February 19, 2010

Books on Our Nightstand!

I recently joined a book club. Still can't really grasp the reality of being old enough to be in a book club. When did that happen? Anywho... We are onto our second book and I am LOVING it so faAlign Centerr.
It's right along the lines of everything I study. How the brain functions, that dictates our actions, reactions etc.
And Drew's company book group is reading getting things done. We'll let you know how they turn out! What's on your nightstand?
In other news.... Look what I happened upon in my backyard!!! Pussy willows! SPRING.... Craziness, this was the shortest winter of my life.
And in even bigger news meet Jackson. Caesar and Cleo's newest cousin. We can't wait to meet this little Ewok!
Basically just a glorified dust bunny!

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