Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well now that most of the projects are wrapping up (or so I thought) we have been trying to pull out house back together. But I just kept getting hung up on the placement of furniture. My sister Kami has 'the eye' and I kidnapped her on Sunday to come redo our arrangement. She space our furniture, when we lived in the upstairs of our house, perfectly. As shown in the picture, that has been seen many times, below.
I had our couch next to some built in shelves, but it was just too heavy in that corner of the room.
And the table behind the couch was just okay.
Well in 30 minutes Kami (pronounced like Amy with a K., Remember that name, she's going to be famous when we start a staging company) transformed our home.
Flipping couches around, angling chairs, unrolling carpets, widdling small dolls out of wood. You name it she did it! And I am in awe. I would have never placed furniture where she placed it, but some how after she does it, it's like... How did I not think of that, it was just meant to be there.
She even convinced me to keep a rug I thought might be too loud.
Then she put a painting over the mirror and made this side table complete. It always looked like it was missing something. (This side table is my next project. It was given to me by a family I nanny for, and I want to put silver leaf on it.)

So it looks like this. (I cannot remember where I found this picture. So if anyone knows let me know so I can site it and give them credit.) Kami's (Amy with a K. Keep up with me) next stop was the built in shelf unit. That I have hated for as long as we have lived here.
My pathetic attempt to decorate, it is much better here then what it was a year ago, bleak.
Kami's vision which will be complete after pictures are developed, and those 2 cream frames are painted black... There might be something else but I'm not sure. Kam, (that's what I call her. Like aim with a K. I think your getting it ; ) ) I'll call you tomorrow to check. Now to the bedroom.
Our sad little dresser top. A stolen picture from my mom. Even though she said I could borrow it, but now denies it. And sand from out honeymoon in the Bahamas. It just needed something more. So perhaps you remember this nasty mirror from our bathroom. That Drew literally with his two hands ripped from the wall. Well I cleaned it off and found a new home.
A perfect resting spot for my perfumer. It's like I have my very own Nordstrom.
Of course Kami came in and adjusted everything.
Even put my perfume at a perfect angle. For a final touch she even found a perfect home for our H that my friend Carly made for me.
And just as quickly as she appeared, she was gone... In a whirlwind of style and grace... Thanks Kami for finally making our house feel adjusted. In other news I got my peg board hung and bathroom organized.
Finally some method to the madness. Now all I have to do, after all said projects are completed, is paint this rocking chair. I think I found the perfect blue.
Another Martha Stewart special... Should be just delightful.
So much to do....


  1. Thanks Mike... You're a loyal fan!
    ps I called you back and you didn't answer... I called for you I said Laaaauuuurrrraaaaa.... laura... and you didn't come... name that youtube?

  2. i freaking loved this post!!!!! oh my gosh, i want to copy everything!! LOVE the barely mustard yellow table and not-too-turqoise rocking chair to be!!!!! and the bathroom mirror for your personal nordstrom?? and the placement of your paintings, flowers, etc etc etc?!?!??!?!?! oh my goodness I am going to hire you one day. And then I looked at the later post about book club!!!! What the heck, you book club?!!! I started one in Utah before I knew I was moving, and am now trying to do another! So not only do you have to tell me all your design tips, but you have to tell me all the books you read. LOVE YOUR STYLE!! Oh and last thing- Your little explanations of "Kami" were hilarious, and yes I needed everyone of them to finally get it! haha!!

  3. make me feel so useless!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug in your front room!! It's amazing. Your house looks so great! I love your if we could just kick Tom's style to the curb a little bit in our house! Oh, well... I love it and love you!

  4. Thanks Meg! You make me so happy! The yellow is solar fusion but I can't remember what brand at home depot. And I didn't know you started a book club! Last month we read The Help. And I thought it was funny you were reading it at the exact same time. Let me know what books you're reading too!

    Kadie! Are you kidding me?! I was just telling Drew on Sunday how much I like the color of your couch. Fabulous! And thanks for the compliments on the rug. I got it from I would have never thought to check there for rugs until my friend told me about it. And $2 shipping you can't beat that!!