Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Is there a way to put in a special request for twins? Because I want....
Lilly and Kate
Kate and Lilly
Mary and Amelia! Two cute!


  1. Linds. First let me say you're breaking my heart with the pictures of my baby girls! I miss them so much! How have they gotten so big? I keep meaning to go visit Annie. I really really want to.
    Secondly, thank goodness for Kami, because that rug is gorgeous! Not at all too loud! I am absolutely in love with that front room. All the color is perfect! Oh and I have my perfume on a mirror too. Love it! xoxo.

  2. i want twins too! i always have! everyone calls me crazy but really it would be awesome

  3. Alex! I love your comments! They make me happy! You should come over when I'm working... Doesn't that sound much more fun? I am glad you like the rug. You need to come see it in person.. Then tell me what you think! And maybe you are where I subconsciously got the idea for the mirror from! Love it... You're cute apartment was definitely the reason why I wanted to finally decorate our apartment! Now all i need is a cute circle room.. (I have no idea how to spell that word.)

    Laura!!! Put pix up of your bike!!!!!