Monday, February 1, 2010

Projects, Projects, Projects

I've said it all before. I'll just have to say it again, My Husband Is AMAZING!!! And it all started with me wanting a new bed/the basement flooding! As you can see in the pictures below our house needed updating. Every wall was white with carpet that needed to be replaced, I'd say 9 years ago.
Then the basement flooded so Drew had to replace an entire wall. Well while we were at it we decided to get some pretty blue wall paint to freshen up the wall a bit.
Then one Drew decided to build my bed for me, and while at Home Depot we found a steal of a deal on laminate flooring. On sale from $2.59 a square foot to $0.41 a square foot!! Unreal! So we bought up 3 stores worth of flooring, and spur of the moment ripped up the carpet and didn't look back.
Then my little Drew bear got to work...
And he worked...
And he worked...
And he worked! All after coming home from his full time job. And he worked hard because he had to stop working every night at 9 for the upstairs tenants. And in a week and a half (including the 3 days he had to take off because of the swine flu) our home became a masterpiece!
To add accent to the new flooring, Drew put in wainscot! And it is beautiful!
Then he finished painting all of the rooms. I will take credit for the paint colors! I love how soothing, bright, and fresh they all are.
How amazing do those floors look? Oh and he installed all new baseboard!
And the finished product. Sorry these pictures are so grainy they are from my phone and when the light is dull it doesn't have the best resolution.
Cleo's new room.
AND... he framed out all the windows... Here is the before.
And the after. Sorry the windows are so dirty... But yeah right its winter, I'm not about to go outside and scrub them!
Then he replace all the nasty 'school hallway' lights with lights we found at Costco for $15 dollars! Get real! AMAZING!! He just barely put these in and hasn't fixed the ceiling, but whoa ease up on him! He's only human! He'll get to it!
And now my favorite part. Our bedroom, now with brand new bed!! I am embarrassed to say that this nasty curtain has been in our room for a year and a half! Hated it! But never did anything about it!
Until now!
Look at all those pillows! I never thought I would find someone that loves pillows as much as I do until I met Drew! Made for each other!!
My new rug, that was 25% off at Cost Plus World Market!
I love it, couldn't be happier!
A painting from my mom! Thanks mom! I'm so happy you "gave" this to me! ha! (I use the term 'I borrowed this from her' loosely.)
New duvet cover ($30), 800 thread count sheets that feel like silk ($26) (all from and blanket originally $110 from target on sale for $43! Talk to me about the Law of Attraction! I believe!! My husband is amazing! I love finding screaming deals! I have never been happier! And I need an excuse to use more exclamation points!!!!! I don't think I plugged enough into this post!!!!!


  1. I told you I was excited to blog stalk you, so obviously I got right on it this morning. Everything looks so great! I love the wainscot, the paint, the floors, and that bed! Can Andrew build us one? Storage space is invaluable. Oh and that rug! I need to go shopping with you.

    Glad you snuck your little orange buddy in one of the pics too.

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. Can't you guys PLEASE come and makeover my entire house??? Please!!!!! Andrew is absolutely amazing. I am so jealous. You married a man with some serious SKILL. And I LOVE your style! What a great home, everything looks beautiful!!!

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys deserve all those exclamation points!!!! (and a few more). That looks amazing! Way to go! I can't wait to see it in person!

    I LOVE the wainscot. And your bird pillow. :)

  4. Awww, you're so lucky to have such a handy man! I LOOOOOOOOVE that rug. Like LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE it.

  5. The basement looks amazing! What color blue did you use? I've been searching for something just like that. Thanks!

  6. Wow! You guys have been working hard. I love the bed! I am going to try to make it too! *Fingers crossed* The wainscot looks fabulous!

  7. Wow looks amazing! Great job on finding all the deals! Isn't it wonderful when things just work out like that? Makes you feel like you've done something right! =) Keep up the good work! (Love the pillows by the way!)

  8. Thanks for all the compliments! We are really loving how everything turned out! And the paint colors are from Sherwin Williams, the darker blue is Dockside Blue. And the green blue in our bedroom is SilverMist. Hope that helps.