Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drew Had a Birthday...

And the poor guy kind of got pushed to the back burner. However, my amazing grandma showed up to her husbands viewing with Drew's birthday card and present. She's amazing!
Thanks to my mom as well for having a family party, while EVERYONE was in town. Fabulous!
Yes their are 5 candles on the cake... And yes it took him 3 breathes to blow them all out. Embarrassing. He does look good in his new birthday shirt!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday Andrew Dear!!! 3 breaths, really? JK!

  2. Ange, I'll say it again!!!! You look so great! :) Lindsay, thank you for loving my sweet brother! I love you too Ange.

  3. Happy Birthday, Big Andrew! I'm SO SO glad you are my brother and even more glad that I found someone who WORSHIPS Paradise Bakery like me! You and Linds are such a great couple- love the PJ picture.

    Oh yeah, p.s. I'll need a nephew or niece here pretty soon, please.