Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Ode to My Kia...

The Kia Sephia, I'm sad to say is gone. She was a loyal, semi trusted friend. She cruised me home on many nights from Provo when I was more then anxious to get out of there. She took us on many adventures, and never complained when we would pile in her with wet swimming suits. Virginia, Caitlin and I drove around Greek Row in her until she turned over to 100,000 on her second engine. I can't write her nickname on here, it just wouldn't be appropriate... But to all who knew her, they know she earned her name. She got me to St. George in 3 hours, and when you put her in reverse it sounded like the engine fell out. But we didn't care. Not my Kia Sephia and me! She got sassy in her old age, and would honk for 5 minutes after you turned her on. Sometimes... When nights or mornings were quiet. She would start honking with no key in the ignition at all, just to let us all know she was there. She was my glorified golf cart, my first car. Good bye Kia Sephia.


  1. How sad! I cannot believe you are just getting rid of your first car! I guess mine was easy to let go since Nate ruined it. :)

  2. Goodbye Ms. Sephia. May you find peace and joy cruisin' the golden highways of Heaven...

    Linds- 3 hours to St. George?! I'm telling mom.