Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Post of Random...

During such a sad week, I couldn't have been more grateful for my job. Showing up every morning to these faces was perfect.
Kate learned a cool new party trick two binki's at once.
Just loungin' against the coffee table, no big deal.
Then learned how to put socks on.
Lilly joined in on this fun.
Mary telling Amelia not to be such a noisy eater.
Be still.
Drew partied so hard that he slipped into a chocolate milk slumber. So precious.


  1. hello! I am so glad we found each other on here!

    Lindsey and I were were in the Elementary Education program together at the U and took a week long course together last April. Such a small world.

    I love your blog and really love your big puppies! Hope you are well!


  2. "Just loungin'. No big deal.." You are so dang funny. Thanks for the LOL moment- love your blog. I'm a huge fan :) xoxox

  3. Haha! I love the picture of the cute sisters - the one reminding the other to be lady-like while slurping her milk! Too cute!