Monday, April 12, 2010

Drew Can Do

Drew got some major work done on Saturday.
He trimmed out both windows. I started scraping off the windows to be repainted.
And it's crazy how much they changed the look of the house.
Then he moved onto the porch. The part I was most excited for.
The door is framed, now the actual door needs to be sanded and painted. I have the prettiest color in mind.
It is all coming together so nicely.
The posts were inspired by my friends basement trim. Shout out to Texas St! I am loving drastically it is updating the look of the house. Next on the list are the shingles for the portico. Stay tuned.


  1. Andrew, you are such a MAN!!! <3 Zach

  2. Hahaha Zach, we laughed so hard when we read that! <3 Zach was the best touch!