Thursday, April 15, 2010


Who would have ever guessed that dogs could have different personalities? Not me. These two dogs are night and day different.
Caesar is our little princess. He won't sit or lay anywhere if it's not on a pillow. He cleans himself all the time, he does not like to get dirty.
He is the nervous eater, the worrier and and whiner. One of his favorite things to do is lay his head next to you and whimper. He needs attention all the time.
That's why Cleo has been a lifesaver. She has been Caesar's distraction. We honestly bought our dog a dog. And it's been heavenly ever since.
Cleo is calm, self entertaining and agile. While Caesar prefers to be lifted into the truck, Cleo jumps right in.
While Caesar is cozy on his pillow, Cleo is content to rough it in the dirt. Silly pooches.

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