Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Festivities!

Easter Bunny festivities at my mom's house, are always a treat! Look at the excitement on those little faces pressed against the glass! And the cute carrot on the door! Darling!
The door was opened, and the wild things were released.
Not before we made them stop and take a picture on the porch! Look at how excited Lizzy was for pictures! (The cheerleader in the front)
The hunt! Look at all those eggs!
The loot! Easter bunny spares no expense on grandchildren! ha!
Easter bunny even brings money!
So excited!
The loot!
Drew watching over my parent's iPad... More amazing then I could have ever imagined! Thank you Steve Jobs!
Even more special then the easter bunny was my Grandma Redd's visit.
We sure love her. This is Grandma with her mini me Lizzy. It was a great Easter.