Tuesday, April 6, 2010

***Snow Day***

Today it snowed... A ton... I don't know why so many people forget that in Utah, yes it snows in Spring. It does this every year, but somehow, every year people are in utter shock that it could possibly snow in April. Today however it snowed so much that I was unable to make it up the canyon for work. Drew has been nursing an illness, which he is conveniently trying to blame on me... Nice try! And he would be spending a good deal of time on a ladder, they decided it was best to take a snow day!
So we bundled up, and headed outside to get some fresh air on the Drewpy Panty's feeble body.
We got some dog biscuits for the pooches, broke them up into little bits. (Honestly when we break these bones down, they are about the size of an average dog biscuit. Everything with these dogs is GIANT.) Then tossed them all around the yard, and let them go on a little treasure hunt. Quite entertaining!
Then we put our newest donation (given to us by friends) to good use. Our new chiminea! Brilliant! Below I will give you the play by play, in every beautiful, gory detail.
MAN HANDS! Kind of just something you want to shout every time you see them! No secretary hands for this guy! Drew sawed some scrap wood down to kindling. Lit some matches...
Started some cardboard on fire...
Lit a few more matches... And a little more cardboard...
And boom backyard chiminea fire! All the not so gory, but entirely useless details. Next we took some burned wood and wrote messages to each other...
Not unlike the petroglyphs of the Native Americans. Actually nothing like that, still cute.
Then we burned the wood that our messages were written on.
It was a wonderful snowy spring morning!


  1. What a cool little backyard fire! Fun!

  2. I've been investigating chimineas for myself and I thought I would send you this link!


  3. Angela that is so funny! When we were given the chiminea I read that exact article!! funny!