Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Guess Where We Are!?!

Yep, our home away from home... Wanna know what we (again I mean Drew) are doing?
We are giving this sad little lady a face lift! And it's going to be amazing...
We got so excited that we have already ripped off the iron posts and the plastic shutters on the windows. Ps, I always thought those were wood, they are not. We decided that we are going to blog the whole process to keep out loyal followers up to date. Prepare to have your mind blown.
As I write right now we, Caesar, Cleo and I are sitting outside of Home Depot waiting for Drew to pick up some drill bits. I guess I have just gotten so used to our dogs that I am always surprised when people walk passed the car and say how big they are.
Everyone comments.
I know they are big, but how do they tell from so far away?
Tonight we picked up some wood, glue and brackets to get started on the framing.
Drew got right to work ripping off the exterior of the portico.
And installing the 4X4s.
Below is a mock up of how the porch will look. Very well sketched by Drew.
We will keep you updated on the progress! Hopefully the weather holds out like my iPhone weather app promises.

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