Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Final Frontier

You thought you had heard enough about our trip? Well there's more...
On our way out of Bluff we stopped at the Hovenweep ruins.
These were the first ruins that were discovered that had multi level buildings.
Pretty darn impressive if you ask me. There are tiny sporadic holes that they believe are aligned when the equinoxes occur. And separate windows for shining light through to alert the village of news. Pretty interesting stuff.
The mountain range below is known as the Sleeping Ute Mountain. You can see his headdress starting on the left. The Utes believe that this Ute Chief will awaken some day and reclaim this land for the original tribes.
Then we hopped in the car for the drive home. We play games in the car. Some families play I spy, or the Alphabet game. Drew and I play stick your head out the sunroof and drive game. Yes every time I play this I hear my dad's voice in my head that says, just like it did when I was 16, "cars are not toys".
But when you get wind hair like this it's just too hard to not play. Yes I know he's a vision! And he's all mine!
We stopped at our next obscurity. Hole N The Rock. This couple built their home in this rock.
And of course carved Pres. FDR's face into the side. You know, just the usual!
This is their living room, 60 ft fireplace and all.
Bedroom looking into other bedrooms etc. The wife carved her own bathroom at the age of 65! Blew my mind. And thus concluded our adventures. SouthEastern Utah... Consider yourself PWND!

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  1. You are seriously living the dream! What a great idea... My mom always wanted to do little trips around Utah, I just never thought it sounded fun. BUT you are doing a real good job of making it look enjoyable! Maybe I'll have to take her on a road trip! :)