Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sunday Best!

Well Cleo has been looking all dolled up with bows. So we had to do something for Caesar Boy. Yes... HAD to.
And doesn't he look handsome?
Quite the pair.
This is how we are greeted at the fence.
Look at that smile. Nothing makes you feel more loved then a dog welcoming you home.
Our little gentleman. Yep... I'm going to be that mom.


  1. I love reading about all your adventures and your dogs. Seeing all the cute pictures of them really makes me want a great dane more than ever.

  2. Okay, oh my gosh. That is ADORABLE. What sweet babies you have!!! They are both too cute.

  3. You are hilarious...oh my goodness... Caesar in a tie!!!!

  4. They are adorable. My family had a Caesar and Cleopatra pair growing up (Cocker and a Springer Spaniel). They were the best. Now I want to go home and put a necktie on my english setter.