Sunday, May 23, 2010

Best Project EVER!!!

Well perhaps you remember our little entry table... The one on the back wall...
Well I hated it's stain!
And maybe you remember my grand plan to silver leaf it all... Yeah... That just sounded daunting. So after a visit to our neighbors house, she told me she had the same vision to silver leaf, and then just ended up spray painting metallic paint onto her table. Sold!
So instead of the pix above and several labor intensive hours saved!
Bam! Got my silver table!
And I LOVE it! I didn't even bother to sand this one. I'll probably be regretting that, when I'm repainting it tomorrow. But it took me no more then 10 minutes to paint. Was DRY, 30 SECONDS later and back in place in 5 minutes! I'll do projects like this anyday!


  1. Well done! I love it! You are so hired, come and fix my furniture! You think I am kidding???

  2. oooooooh me likey!!!!! not sure why i decided to respond that way, but that was what first came to mind... haha amazing job linds, can't believe how quick and easy that was after all! looks fantastic!

  3. ok, im totally looking around my house right now to see what i can paint!! i love it! and sorry it's been awhile, since ive checked any blogs. so when are you up for a baby of your own??! huuuuuh?!

  4. it looks awesome- i've got to come see it. that neighbor of yours must be some smart cookie!