Thursday, May 27, 2010

I LOVE My Job!

I really cannot say that enough!
Especially when babies can start holding their own bottles?!
Baby Claire looks like a giant baby next to her sisters! She loves her babies.
Does it get cuter? Snuck in to make sure babies were asleep.
Kate was passed out! So cute, I almost can't stand it.
Kate catching up on some light reading before her nap.
Excuse me?
Lillian having a very detailed conversation with me on why she loves her lambie.
So snuggly.
Kate just can't get enough of Runaway Bunny.
Baby prison! How could you not love your job? I will gladly take them all home thank you!


  1. Cutest babies ever! P.S. I'm already obsessed with blogging!

  2. So cute! Gotta love the stink bug position. I can't wait to see what your cute kids are gonna look like!