Monday, August 23, 2010

Fourth of July

Our awesome Fourth of July started with a high heeled fashion show from this guy! Obsession continues!
Then some swim time at Mimi and Papa's Swim and Tennis club! Complete with snack bar! It's the high life!
Michael always the best influence for safety, did his annual roof jump. Mimi again was less then thrilled!
Indy, joined this year to make it a doubles jumping event!
Synchronizing at it's finest! Good form.
Then to continue the theme of 'Safety First!'. We had our firework show! This year, to really wow the crowd my dad and brother lot the fireworks off in their hands! (Avoid watching Holly!). My mom was lucky enough to be worried for her children's safety, twice this year! Good year!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Best part of year, watching my dad swing on a swing with a firework in his hands! All fun and games until next year someone loses an eye!

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