Monday, August 23, 2010

Youth Conference

Was such a blast!
Such an awesome group of kids, and leaders! I knew I would enjoy going camp... I just wasn't prepared for how much fun I would have!
Our cute girls that could make it.
Riding the tram down the mountain was absolutely beautiful! It doesn't get much prettier then Utah.
Blowing up our full size air mattress (twice... Sophia!) so we could have two magical nights snuggled together!
Sophia being great, as usual. Love her!
Last night of camp we taped glow sticks to our selves so that we looked like skeletons! Too bad we couldn't figure out how to take the flash off! In the dark it looked amazing. I don't think I have ever laughed so hard. Except for the night before when Sophia and I were drugged, and kept Chrissie up until 3, laughing. "Because there is nothing wrong with Del Taco!"
The tram down the mountain! Thanks for the pictures Sophia!

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  1. I like Blogging Lindsey, so much nicer than real life Lindsey! Ha! Just teasing. Love all the updates and love you.