Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Neighborhood

Could not be anymore spectacular! To say that Drew and I are in love with our neighbors is a huge understatement.
Stan (wearing the jeans in this picture) has done sprinkler systems for over 50 years. He is our next door neighbor. We got a quote for a new sprinkler system for $5000. Stan came over mapped out our entire yard, took the measurements and had a sprinkler system mapped out. Then he ordered all of our materials through his account so we could get them wholesale. Then he spent countless hours at our house whether we were there or not hooking up the system. We got a brand new amazing system for a mere fraction of the original price. We had neighbors show up at our house with shovels, picks, sledgehammers and drinks. Our neighbors shoveled our rock filled shovel for hours!
Pretty safe to say that was the last sprinkler system Drew will do. In out opinions the companies that charge $5000 earn every penny!
Our other neighbors Dave and Holly have had fun projects at their house that Drew has loved working on! Here is the before of their house.
And while I was at Youth Conference and Holly was away for the weekend these guys were up until 2 a.m. both weekend nights to finish the project before Holly got home.
The finished deck complete with French doors!
A much more glamorous project then sprinklers! We love the projects around our neighborhood, almost as much as we love our neighbors!

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