Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So much to paint... So little motivation for sanding and priming!
Here is our door right now, I thought I had found a great color green. So I recklessly sprayed it with spray paint! Boy was I wrong on the color. Now it just looks like someone paintballed our door! Oh well, current stain was awful. I wanted to sand the door down and lightly stain it with blue or green. But I know how much I hate to sand so I decided to just slap on some Gripper primer and pick a paint. What I really want my sweet Drew to do is cut out the top 5 or 8 squares at the top of the door and we'll put glass in them. Pipe dreams...
Here is my rough coat of primer. Ugh, I hate priming! And the swatches. Still undecided. I want to see the swatches throughout the day to see how they look in different light.
Here is our galley kitchen. A good throwback to living in the Chi-O house! Great times, at least in this kitchen I don't have my name on a calendar and have to clean up after 18 other girls. (But I'd do it again in a heart beat!). Anyway... As you can see I took of a few cupboard doors, and started sanding them down, got bored of that so I started priming some other cupboards!
Here are my swatches I picked. Cream/light beige for the wall. And a light sage green for the cupboards. Hopefully our kitchen will be transforming shortly. We bought a tiny brand new stove off ksl, and I'm looking for a 9.9 cu fridge (just in case a reader happens to have one they are looking to get rid of!). And knocking down a wall under the stairs to open up the room a lot more.
My last and least important project is painting our dresser and bed. These swatches that you can't see very well are a dark gray/blue. Whew! Who know when this will all take place. As one of our neighbors said, "Nothing like have 80 projects started, 80% done!".


  1. I love the first swatch on the door...but you are definitely the expert. And oops, you caught me...deleting your comments. Ha! But seriously, I think that sounds like a good plan - if I can't end up doing two babies, they're all yours! Haha!

  2. Geez you guys are busy!! Can't wait to see how it all turns out!!