Tuesday, August 31, 2010

For My Cousins!

What a small world! My friend was posting pictures of her sister-in-law on facebook, and there was my cute cousin!

Cute Sister Lulu! Haha she probably doesn't go by that anymore! Thought you might enjoy these Alli, Liz and Emily! You may have seen them already!


  1. That second pic could be used as blackmail:)

    Lulu adores her companion and the woman they taught is from Venezuela, where I served my mission...crazy!!

    What a small world is right.

    SEe you around Christmas!

  2. and YES she still goes by Lulu! haha these are priceless pictures, love you! xoxo

  3. small world indeed. i laughed at lulu's nickname. whenever i run into people from davis i still ask if they were friends with droopy, sometimes i have to correct myself and say andrew redd?