Friday, September 3, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!

We lost another wall today!

It was quite the surprise to come home to! Even more amazing was how well all of the debri was cleaned up! A Christmas Miracle!

We went from two walls to no walls! Drew wants to keep it open, besides putting a wall on the living room side under the stairs. Me.... Not loving the idea if staring into my laundry room. Yes... Eventually it will be a beautiful laundry room... But still... I like a little separation! As can be seen, I finally was motivated to prime the cabinets!!! Huge step for me, by no means comparable to knocking a wall down... Baby steps! Right now I'm hooked on marmoleum! I think I have finally hooked Drew. I think striped, zig zagged, or checked floor would be SO fun for a laundry room.

Yup! Love it! I also have some stairs I love! What our stairs will soon look like!

Love the blue of these walls.

The paneling on the right side of the stairs is what I want.

And if we decide to put that wall back up... Which again, I really want to. We'll continue the wainscot from the hallway all the way up.

I want to do coffered ceilings like this in our living room, with a light light light blue inside the panels. Might sound crazy, but I LOVE IT! Now if I could just kick this sore throat and sleep. I'd about have it all!


  1. Holy cow, i love all your guys' projects!!!!!!!!! Looks like it will be amazing. And a stripe/zigzag floor? That'd be sweet, I've never seen anything like it. You two are so handy!!! I think I like the idea of the checked floor for the laundry room best. You need a pic of where the laundry is though, I couldn't tell what you meant. Love all the projects, so cool.

  2. i love it all! the marmoleum, the blues, the wainscot, the paneling, the projects, the danes, the demolition, the dust, the sprinklers... what can i say? i love being your neighbor!