Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lucky I'm in Love With My Best Friend

I love this guy! I love how I am living the life of my dreams, even though I never dreamed life would be like this. I never knew how happy I could be in a basement apartment, with over 300 lbs of dog.

How happy I would be to spend my birthday night sledge hammering at our bathroom floor. I LOVED it! I chose to go to the driving range for my birthday, I am the most surprised about all of this. All of these interests I have now, I wouldn't have discovered without Drew.

And look how cute he looks with a kitty on his leg! Adorable!

I saw this and thought if Drew. I'm always telling him, I wish there were something more special and meaningful that I could say to him, because love just doesn't quite cut it!

Even though he didn't bring me home one of these for my birthday, I am still completely wrapped up in him.

Maybe it's because he promised me one of these....

Maybe with a darling arm on it for hanging flowers or holiday decorations.

Or because he is going to build me drying racks like these, after he is finished hanging Sheetrock, cementing, tiling, painting, woodworking, installing lights and throwing up a coffered ceiling. Can't quite put my finger on it, but I know I LURVE him!


  1. You lucky lady you! Hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!

  2. ah, cute :) he really is like a superhero husband! i love that your spent your bday doing tiling. can't wait to see all your projects!

  3. it sure is a good feeling to be "livin the dream" even when that dream is a surprize to you! we love you two and love you two together. happy late birthday!

  4. i LOVE this post! hope you had a great bday too!

  5. drew really is awesome. especially with joey on his knee. so easy to love/lurve/luff...