Monday, September 13, 2010


If you haven't noticed neighbor Dave is going to be a blog regular. We are working out the contract agreement as we speak. There may or may not be a signing bonus. We'll see what our lawyers say.

Friday and Saturday were demolition derby days in our home. I can safely say my lungs will always have a good sturdy coat of cement dust in them. If I die mysteriously, tell the doctors to check my lungs. (Little dramatic!)

Our bathroom looked like a spelunking adventure. Truly it smelled just like Timpanogas Cave and Nutty Putty Cave all mixed into one. Lovely, (not dramatic at all!)

The hammered and dug, and dug and hammered. And only managed to make one neighbor upset! (I don't see what the big deal is about sawing into concrete at 7 AM on a Saturday! Haha.)

I got a few good wacks into the concrete. I can now claim to have remodeled our bathroom. I'll probably try to take most of the credit!

Drew thought since he was trying out plumbing, he should really get into the zone! Really try and embrace all that a plumber is.

However this is a family friendly site so we censor for everyones benefit! (Drew, don't you wish you new how to use our blog now? Muah ah ah!)

And here we are now! Concrete poured over the new plumbing, just waiting to set up and get the toilet and tub all ready to go! Then goes the tile!


  1. I can't believe how fast you two get things done! I can't wait to come over and see the progress! Penny is requesting a pooch party soon. Thanks. xoxo.

  2. look at you guys go!!!! man, you never quit! and i loved the censored plumber crack picture, haha!!

  3. Hey, so this is going to sound so weird, but I'm in a book club with your neighbor Holly and she referred your husband/blog because we are looking for some help with our house. Anyway, I got completely sucked in looking at your projects. We are redoing our entire home (slowly)and I'm in love with what you guys are doing. Anyway, we will probably be calling your husband soon to see if he could help us with a few projects.

    And then this is going to sound even more strange, but I was looking to see if you have the months on your blog, where I could go back and look at more projects, but then I saw your blogroll, and I think we have some mutual friends (Olivia Brooks and Lindsay Kimball/Drury). I'm photographing Olivia's wedding next week! Anyway, I know I sound like a total stalker, but really, your blog is that great. And you can blame Holly because she told me to look :)

    Okay, enough crazy on my part.


  4. Ha! Small world! I didn't recognize you at first, but I was pregnant then.

    Everything was blurry :) I might be seeing you at some weddings in the next couple of weeks then. Fun!

  5. signing bonus? contract agreement? why haven't I reaped the benefits of this yet??