Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ksl has come through again in a big way! We just bought these sweet custom ordered tile, for mere pennies.

These will be on our bathroom floor. Now the only tricky part is finding the perfect grout color. I want white, but I know it will be tough upkeep. A light gray may be nicer but not pop with the tile as much. Or a light cream, but I worry with these off shades of white it will just always look dingy.

Speaking of bathrooms.... Here is what our looks like...

It's hard to explain what we did here, but basically we are moving closets around. We took the closet in the second bedroom to make the bathroom bigger. The bathroom was tiny. When using the toilet your knees were underneath the sink. And the door opened right into the kitchen. Nobody wants that. So we are walling off the door opening in the kitchen and putting the door in the hallway. We are walling off the second bedrooms closet because that's now the bathroom as I said earlier. We will take the closet in our bedroom and open it up in the second bedroom. We will wall off the opening to the closet in our bedroom.

This is from the second bedroom looking in to the bathroom. The wall for the bathroom ended right where the tub was. We added so much space just by rearranging closet walls.

Oh.... And there's our tile one more time!


  1. I'm not sure if they make black gout, but black or a dark brown would look good (at least I think so!)

  2. I was looking at brown grout I think that would be neat! Didn't think about black, I need to look into that. You never know!

  3. i have a crush on that green tile. just let me touch it...

  4. I want to eat that tile. It's my favorite color, and it looks like something that Mia would put in her mouth the second her little had could grab it. I vote white grout. I bet if you just seal the grout well it wouldn't be hard to keep looking nice at all. :)