Thursday, September 9, 2010

Little Bitty Baby!

Not much in our lives is little... Here's just a quick reminder of the beasts that we call dogs...

And she's the small one... But we just introduced the smallest, sweetest thing, you have ever seen into our home.

Yup, that's our new baby oven. No we will not be putting babies in the oven, it's just a little baby appliance compared to the iron lungs we had before! Now to learn how to use it!


  1. Make sure to get a hanging oven thermometer. Apartment size ovens are notoriously off temp. You will need to watch the thermometer to regulate it. (ie. 325 might very well be 325 degrees, but don't count on 350 being 350 degrees. They are funky that way.)
    signed been there, done that, burnt 1000 cakes.

  2. Thank you!!! i would have never even thought about that! I wonder if that was wrong with our last oven. Everything burned!

  3. oh so cute! can't wait to taste the mini cakes and pies coming out of that thing!