Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kitchen Update!

It's all coming together! And I am beyond thrilled with how it's turning out!
The glass mosaic tile turned out to be a lot easier then I had anticipated. I have seen some botched mosaic tile jobs and I thought it was crazy complicated. But with Drew laying the tile an me following behind with spacers just to fix the crooked tiles. The lines are looking incredible. So straight I am thinking about using white grout instead of beige. Hmm...
Our countertops are in and I love them. I love how much countertop space we have! Hooray!
I can't wait to grout the tile, and caulk the countertop to get crisp lines everywhere.
The middle two cabinets were our only hanging storage space. So Drew built the boxes for two more cupboards and we'll (he'll) build the doors. We are thinking about doing glass doors. And he's building cabinets for above the fridge! STORAGE!!
By taking apart the cupboards and rearranging them we were able to add another 15 inch cupboard and room for a dishwasher.
Then we took this newel post and cut it in half and made these awesome legs for our apron front sink. Love them.
Those aren't the doors that will be under the sink. Drew's going to build doors for there as well. Busy boy! And that is the status of our kitchen!


  1. W.O.W. you were right.... it blows my mind. Seriously.... so beautiful!! White grout for sure.

  2. Oh it is looking gorgeous. I can't wait to see it all done. Hugs, Marty

  3. Very creative you two. Love how it's coming together. I'm with you and have that OCD too where I want the crisp grout/caulk lines. Takes me forever to paint a room.