Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The tile has all been laid. Countertop to ceiling. And in some places floor to ceiling. We stayed up until 3 o'clock this morning to finish. Worth it? Absolutely!
Drew trimmed out the window. And it looks fabulous. We did a little bit wider window sill so I can put a flower vase or something up in the window.
Drew started working on the trim for the "beam". It's actually our vent. But we decided to trim it out to so we could add more headroom and add a little more detail to the room. Because the 1X1 glass floor to ceiling tile wasn't enough I guess. We still need to add the shaker panel trim to the beam and the wainscot boards to the post.
We also took out the awful tube lighting, and added recessed lighting. We will miss the gentle hum of the lights, but the ceiling seems much taller with the tube lights gone.
And the pooches are bored out of their minds! Poor dogs!
But how cute are they? Answer... Very!


  1. Glad you ditched the light..you'll love the recessed so much better. Genius wrapping your "beam". I see it starting to look rather snazzy.

  2. "Gentle hum of the light" ha ha... love it... love the tile even more... WOW! (cute dogs btw)

  3. Pine Tree Home, thanks for your comments. The beam should be really neat when it's all trimmed out. I love your striped walls on your blog. I love that look. I want to do it in our hallway upstairs!
    Kami, pleasure as always!