Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm stuck.... Paint has me stumped! We had the paint all picked out and then we found the tile. And the paint is just not working.
The green and creme were the colors we wanted to work. They just ended up looking like a country ranch. I hated it.
Then we sampled some silver sage. Blah, looks awful. So we tried the green from our room.
Which is the one on the left. I think I love it!
This is the first time I have been completely stumped for paint color. Hmm...


  1. Tell Andrew he is doing a great job and that I miss him... <3 Zach

  2. I love the tiles! Are they a sagey green (it is hard to tell) I love the robin's egg blue w/ a sage. I think you need to stay w/ earthy grayed colors. PS Why is your kitchen in the basement?

  3. Zach your comments always make me laugh. Love how you throw in the heart!
    Heather the glass tiles are more of a tan brown, but for some reason are pulling a green out of them. Our kitchen is in the basement because we rent the upstairs out as a seperate apartment. While we are remodeling the basement. One day this "kitchen" will just be a laundry/craft room. And all we'll have to do is remove the stove. Thanks for your comments!

  4. I think you could do an eggshell white and then maybe add some molding? Or... maybe paint them some kind of brown?