Monday, January 3, 2011


Lights have made all of the difference in out little kitchen. Especially since we are in our basement apartment. In our true fashion we like to accomplish 3 tasks and then redo at least one of them. We had "finished" the lights and rehung the Sheetrock, but it was just not enough light.
And I really really really wanted art lights to accent our tile. So my dear husband with "little" hesitation ripped out some Sheetrock to put in one more recessed light, and three art lights. And it has made all the difference.
This is a progress shot, but you can see two of the art lights on the left tile wall. They look so good! We didn't put art lights in because of price. At Home Depot they really aren't too expensive but they are twelve to nineteen dollars a light. I just didn't want to spend almost $60 on art lights. And then I stumbled upon these beauties!
From ikea! They are the blixt lights, and they are 3 for $19.99. And they are awesome. They are about the same installation as remodel can recessed lights, where once they are wired they just pop into the ceiling.
We also found a great light for our laundry nook. Super flat and puts odd good light once it warms up.
We got this from ikea as well. $9! Steal! Drew hooked up all the electrical. I am so impressed. He can do it all! We bought some lights for under the cabinets that we haven't installed yet. Our cabinets are being rebuilt. Yes Drew made them once and they were just what I wanted. But then I realized if they were just a touch bigger we could reuse some old cupboard doors. So Drew rebuilt them. What a champ!

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  1. wow look at your cabinets! I LOVE the white! and your lights make your kitchen look amazing... we love our trim Andrew! HIRE DREW CAN DO! He did the BEST job for some tricky trim work!