Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How Pinteresting!

I've got an obsession! It started with adding subscriptions to my google reader. I was excited to wake up and read it like the morning paper. People do and teach amazing things. And the more engulfed I became the more awesome starred blogs I had saved. The only problem was that it was a huge process to go back to the picture you liked. Or the article you saved. And then I was turned onto this little beauty! has become... What would you call it... For some reason I'm only pulling up the Harry Potter term pensieve... Where Dumbledore stores all of his memories... Nerd alert! Ha! I guess what you non wizarding folks would call a journal. But it would take a ton of ink to print out all the wonders I've found on the Internet.
What pinterest does, is when you find a picture you want to save you click on your "pin it" butting saved to your address bar and it let's you save you picture to your page, or more specifically your board. And then when you want to go back to the original site you found the picture on you just click on the photo and it pulls up the site. Now no more wondering where you found something. Or typing random descriptive words into google to try and find something.
I have finally loaded it with all of my starred google reader entries and have added some wish-list accessories and ideas to be used on further dates. So if you want to dip your toes in my brain head on over to And if you want to start your own pinterest page let me know. Right now they are by invites or a wait list. Be sure to check out just people have found some pretty awesome things. Happy Pinning!


  1. Yeah, I want to do it! Love the idea.

  2. Lindsay, you and I have been looking at the exact same sights! And loving some of the exact same things. Funny. :) What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ok, sights, and sites. :) Spellcheck!