Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Dream Team!

***i don't know why these pictures are so bad??
Why did I not take before pictures??? Well probably because it was just supposed to be a simple paint job. Knowing my dad I should have known better. My dad needed an office overhaul and he let me design it and Drew create it. Our first job as the dream team.

This picture is a during shot. We had painted the walls from a nasty creme to a silver green. And the trim from red to white. So already it was better then before. And then we really started thinking... We needed more lights a different wall color and a different theme to the room all around. So drew started removing the ceiling panels and we were sold on the industrial look.

I love restoration hardware lighting. Just not prices.

These lights are perfect but the size we needed runs $499 a piece and we needed 6!

This is my ikea look-a-like that's $29. Awesome.

These lights are also $499. And we needed 4. That would have run us $5000, for all of the lighting.

Ikea version $20. Our total for lights was a little over $400. And that included 3 art lights, and bulbs.

We finally convinced my dad the nasty brown ultra plush/shag carpet had to go. He brought in some wood samples and I ok'ed the mahogany brown with a silver hue. It's perfect.

Drew installed the flooring. It was neat to watch how you can glue hardwood right onto concrete. Below is our exposed ceiling with the industrial lantern lights on.

And this is with the circle lights on. The lights look so incredible. I was nervous about choosing two different light fixtures, but I'm glad I went with my instinct. They look so amazing and add great detail to the room.

Finally below is our close to final picture. (We still have paint touch ups, etc.) Drew and I stayed up until 4 am installing moulding, creating the magnet board, building the frame and putting the room back together.

It turned out perfect. The trim brought such an awesome dimension to the room. And brought out the detail of the ceiling. And added much needed light to the room.

The magnetic board is my favorite. I dreamed it up
In my mind and Drew created it. The frame is a 5 inch poplar crown moulding. I am still deciding on a stain color. I want it light like the actual color of the poplar. I may end up just clear coating it. Such a fun/functional accent piece.

The whole board is four feet high by eight+ feet wide. This project was our first project start to finish that we did for someone else where all of the decisions were completely up to us. It was scary and incredible all rolled up. Love spending all those hours with my Drew.


  1. Linds I'm so impressed by you guys! and can i just say that i LOVE restoration hardware lighting too, good job finding the ikea ones they look great!

  2. INCREDIBLE. You guys did such a fantastic job and are such a darling couple. I just love it... Miss you.