Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm looking for curtains for the kitchen. I don't know whether I want to buy fabric and sew some. Buy some plain ones and paint them. Or just use some plain ones. I love these patterns.
I found some cute cheap plain ones at ikea.
Hmm.... These are only $14. I might just buy them and experiment with them, paint a pattern etc. Because the windows down stairs are so small I would only need a portion of a curtain for each window.
As always I love Caitlin Creers choices!
I used to think it was weird when people displayed their own art work in their own house. I'm thinking about doing it just because I can't find art I like that is big enough for a good price. I need a LARGE painting of lemons for my kitchen wall.
I think yellow would be a perfect accent to the silver green/blue in the kitchen.
I'll have Drew build a frame for it out of 5" crown moulding. The size I want I just can't find a good price.
So I'm thinking about a good DIY project. We'll see how it turns out. I want to try it in oil pastels.
I also might try making some fun prints in Photoshop with yellow themes.
These fonts are a little too comic sans for me. But the general idea I think is fun.
I scored big time at Anthropologie. After I posted on my wishlist on pinterest, the latte bowls from Anthro, my friend told me the bowls were on sale for $1.95!
I made out with 16 bowls for $30. Why did I buy 16? For a few reasons, my sister wouldn't let me go to the bathroom before we went in the store. All my rational thinking went into not wetting my pants. Second, when I was loading my bag, I had visions of bowls crashing on tile, so why not buy more then you need, they didn't have the yellow when I went to buy them when my Anthro angel set four yellow bowls down on the counter next to me. Wahoo! They're so cute they could be little candy dishes! Very versatile! So clearly I had no choice! I had to buy 16!!
I will eventually need this ping pong door for my house.
Just look at the pure joy on their faces. Not staged... Brilliant.
Finally scored a wireless dog fence from ksl! This may save us! No more standing out on our porch in robes and having dogs run wild in the streets.
And finally, my dream bathroom. For when we add our addition to the top of our house. That will give us an incredible view of the city. This will be my master suite. I'm willing it into my life. Isn't that ceiling gorgeous? The chandelier to die for? The colors?? Amazing. Someday!


  1. Those blinds are pretty! And that bathroom - WOW! I can't wait to come see your finished project of a home! It will be awesome!

  2. Lindsay! It's Jen Schenk. I just started reading you blog, and glad that I did. You have the greatest ideas, and I love your design. Your house is A-MAZING! Congrats on getting into LDS. I had the greatest time there, and the teachers are fabulous! I love your idea of painting on a design for your curtains. I'm doing that with a lamp shade right now and I'm using the quatrefoil design. Here's a link to a template if you are interested in this type of design.

    Again congrats on school, you'll have a blast. And Silver State will become your best friend in the world!

  3. haha that is hilarious you bought 16 bowls because your rational thinking was about not peeing your pants, HAHA!!! Lindsay you still crack me up. Man I want your eye for design and style! So unique!