Saturday, February 5, 2011

Awesome Blog Stalking Find...

Ever have those days... where your husband is scrambling around your kitchen yelling in his "adult voice"... about the cement that he is pouring... and you decided to take a nice relaxing bath... and he runs in and drops a bucket full of cement water on your leg... making said "relaxing" bath, not so "relaxing"... So you start blog stalking... Because that's probably the greatest use of time EVER! Well I'm here to tell you it was for me! I scored a major blog stalk find! There I was just clicking through links of friends and landed on this one!
Friend of a friend situation here... We grew up in the same neighborhood, etc. etc... And she has just published an album and I LOVE IT! Bought it on itunes and jam to it all the time! Her voice is awesome, lyrics are fun! Fabulous... go check out her blog for yourself... Buy her album while you're at it!


  1. Thanks! Another person to blog stalk! haha. Excited for next weekend!

  2. LIndsay, soooo nice! thank you so so much! :) I do recognize you! and i adore your mom haha I'm glad we can be blog buds

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