Monday, February 7, 2011

Felting is My Bag...

I have picked up a new hobby... Felting, I felt, I'm a felter.
With Meghan's baby coming I saw this cute idea from my friend Annie. She made these cute little animals and made a mobile.
So I got to felting. Jabbing my finger many times with the barbed needle, my blood went into this project for my little nephew. You better be grateful little one.
The alligator my mom told me looked like an ant eater.
Lion! Are the captions helping you?
Hippo with his birdy friend on his back to show little one about symbiosis. This baby will be brilliant thanks to me.
Zebra.. Now I just have to figure out how to rig these suckers up...
Tiger and flamingo! I totally burned out in the end. I hope I never have to see wool felt again! I started thinking I was going to sell these on etsy... Give me a week, I'll get felting fever again!


  1. SEW cute Lindsers.... I want one too, please.

  2. Lindsay, I hope you are feeling better... I found your blog and you are quite talented. The little animals are really cute and the house looks great!

  3. so cute!! will you teach me how to do this? please?

  4. These are adorable!!! I wish I knew how to felt!