Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Things Fatal End...

We poured a concrete floor in our kitchen/laundry room.
And it looked like "The Thing" (from the Fantastic 4... Thanks for the reference Drewpy!) met his match.
"The Thing" is splattered all over our cabinets.
"Bloody" handprints can be found every. A forensic teams dream.
A final blow to "The Things" carotid artery left cement remains on our ceiling. It was epic...
But seriously... We went with an acid stained concrete floor. Something we hadn't tried before.
We mixed in some, not nearly enough brown dye. Turned out a "St. George, Utah" redd.
This was before the acid stain.
During the acid staining. The clear coat is drying, as well as killing my brain cells while we slept. I'll post after pictures soon!

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  1. What a royal mess...but that floor is going to be awesome. I love your little felt animals, your friends music and more than anything...those preggo pics you posted! The best. Next time I'm in town I want to come see your house. AND I really want to plan a girls trip so get ready. LOVE you.