Saturday, April 16, 2011

Craft Palooza

I went a little craft crazy... I have a pinterest folder dedicated to D.I.Y stuff, and I finally got around to making some.

Saw these cute Pantone chip magnets, and thought I better make use of my expired Pantone swatches. And because our fridge is a slightly different white then our cupboards, I like to cover our fridge with cute pictures, with these Pantone magnets, it just makes it all the better! This DIY is from She has all the step by step instructions, so I won't post them here. The above are hers, and below are mine.

I will admit, I used scissors instead of an exacto knife, so my lines aren't as crisp, but I still love them.

While the glue gun was hot, I slapped a magnet on anything I could get my hands on. Above is an extra 1X1 glass tile that we used in kitchen, that now looks darling holding up the sweet picture of Lily.

Above, I glued a magnet on Drew's money clip that he got in Bluff, UT. I LOVE IT. It and my Pantone magnets hold up the cute picture of my grandpa.

Next I saw a hex necklace I believe online at Nordstrom. I looked online for a how to, and this cute bracelet popped up from Love that name, anyway, I went and gathered supplies and made my own.

Above is a picture from honestlyWTF, there camera is much better, but I love how mine turned out, and I get a lot of compliments on it wherever I go. It's been a great DIY week. Up next are my magazine paper cup holders!


  1. I know you miss your guy. When its time, look at this web site - I think you might find a guy who needs a home -

  2. Oh Linds I'm obsessed with Pinterest, it's kind of becoming a problem.

  3. i love it! will you make me a bracelet too? they can be our friendship bracelets :)