Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meant To Be...

After we lost Caesar, I started looking for Great Dane art work. We didn't have the best camera, so pictures of him may be plentiful, however pitiful. There are some interesting Dane pictures out there. And then I was stopped dead in my search, when not only did I find a great painting of a Dane, but it WAS Caesar! Every detail down to his crook ear! Seriously, this artist Judith Stein, must have summoned Caesar for a muse. Those of you who had the pleasure of meeting Caesar, tell me, is this not his portrait?

Needless to say, this 11"x15" portrait is ours! Now to find the perfect frame!

The crafting bug is still in full force!

These coasters are made our of magazine pages, rope and change. I need to seal them, and then thinking that I may want to try and sell them. Similar ones can found online, but you never know, the coin in the middle may catch someone's eye. That little beauty was from my own little mind!

And then came this hassle! I had this "genius" idea to make a piece of art out of Pantone chips.... Boy was that an epic nightmare... One by freaking one, I cut out the colors, and then one by freaking one, I glued those little beasts onto the board.... In. Way. Over. My. Head. That was my mantra while working on this beauty. Now that it's done, after I put it in the corner and glared at it for a week because my thumb was callused from the Hair scissors I was using (only ones I could find), and my fingertips burned from countless glue gun mishaps. I quite like it.

I painted mat board gold, and need to paint the frame gold. I might also recruit Drew to to cut some crown moulding to out around the one inch frame, to give it more bulk! What do you think? You likey?

P.S. Kami, those clear pictures are for you!

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  1. FINALLY! Now I can SEE these amazing creations by my creative little sister!! Cannot BE-LEEVE you found the exact picture of Caesar... I love that. love yous guys-