Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camping, City of Rock, Idaho

We had our first legitimate camping excursion. Um... A month ago.... Just getting around to posting it, because a certain Springer Spaniel confused the power cord to our computer for a chew toy. I have to say, she chewed that cord into very neat 1" pieces... Impressive, no? We're keeping a running total Polly... As soon as your destruction out numbers your worth.... You might be finding yourself turning tricks on the street.... I tease.... Maybe....N E who.... Camping.

We were planning on camping at Strawberry reservoir. The weather in Utah was supposed to be awful, so on a last minute, whim we headed up to Idaho, City of Rocks. It was awesome... We pulled up to what appears to be the smallest town in the world. Giant bulls sitting on the side of the road, men hand watering their yard while riding in an antique tractor.... Amazing. We didn't make reservations at a campsite, so we stopped at this general store to ask the locals where they camp. Their instructions were basically drive up the mountain as far as you can, and hike as far as you can.... Perfect. We drove until the road was blocked by a giant snow patch.... Parked and walked into a giant clearing, and set up camp. It was gorgeous.

We roasted the best tasting hot dogs, I have ever tasted..

And played frisbee until we couldn't see the frisbee anymore. Our only neighbors were the deer who watched us from afar. I think they were trying to figure out if Cleo was one of them. This is how Polly carries the frisbee to the park... Our own little Saturn.

My favorite camping experience so far... To... Be... Continued!

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