Friday, July 8, 2011


The dogs had the best time camping. We bought those red collars they are wearing that you can make light up. So they were free to roam as they please, and we could always see where they were. I highly recommend these collars. They have come in super handy for late night or early morning walks. We got ours at REI.

Polly became one with nature, and had her nose to the ground sniffing they entire weekend. Her nose came in very handy when they discovered a dead cow. We should always know better, when they dogs are occupied with something for more then five minutes, you can guarantee they are eating something you don't want them to. When Drew finally walked over to see what was keeping their interest, he saw them eating the dead cow. He walked back to me and said, "At least Cleo was just licking the bones, Polly was tugging with all her might on the hide." Nasty! When they got in the tent, the smelled like death.... It was awful, we almost considered packing up and going home. But we just shoved ourselves as far into our mummy bags as possible, and avoided pooch kisses for a week.

Drew for some reason kept Polly's collar light on all night. And Polly for some reason paced in circles around us inside the tent. Probably trying to work of those extra cow calories before bed. So every so often a little red light zoomed past our heads, followed by a whiff of decay... Silly pooch.

Isolation at its finest.

Searching for more remains... You would not believe how long it took me to get this picture loaded up in the right position.... It better be worth it for your viewing pleasure!

Do you find this hummerus? Just a little anatomy giggle. I actually have no idea what bone this is.... It was very pretty. I wanted to bring it home and dip it in enamel.... Drew broke it.... Fail! To... Be...Continued!

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