Friday, July 8, 2011

City of Rock, Part 3

Where we ended up camping was very high into the Sawtooth National Forest... We were trying to figure out what little town that was on the other side of the mountain. We obviously didn't try hard enough because we never found out... (That sentence was so random, I'm going to leave it because it's so awesome!)

We trekked back into the City of Rock campground to explore. Polly had her first ride in the back of the truck, She loved it! And I was again reaffirmed that Drew is going to be the anxious mother hen! That poor guy creates worries as a hobby. I'm not even sure what that means, but Drew will probably worry about it... At least our future posterity will be watched over by someone.

Polly ended up hunkering down on one of the bins we brought with all the dog items. Cute girl.

The rocks were so neat. It is crazy how they just come out of no where. It would be fun to go there with people who have actual climbing experience. And know how to use all the equipment.

Another Polly Picture Crash moment. I don't know how she even sees that I have my camera out. She was busy chasing Cleo around the rock, and I snap a picture, and next thing I know she is in it! Hilarious! And she is always looking right at the camera... This dog.... She's a funny little pooch!

How cool are those sparrow nests on the rock? Answer... Way cool! All of the sudden they would shoot out of the nest and circle the rock.... Crazy nature!

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