Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Our home is finally starting to look like one, not so much a forest hiding a meth lab...Not that our house was ever a meth lab, but I'm sure onlookers had their doubts with the piles of rubble we were removing from both the interior and exterior.

Drew was in Houston for two weeks working on his parents house, and I was doing anything I could to pass the time... A lot of trying to go to bed at 7 P.M. Drew and I love to drive around and look at homes, while he was gone I did my own Salt Lake Home Tour.... I'm thinking of buying a Le Bus and starting my own touring company. When I stop my bus, a bunch of elderly Asian women, with straw hats and cameras will unload.... One day... One day..... I tried to get some super stalker pictures of some houses, but I had my zoom lens on my camera, and my windows don't roll down, so not the best, but you can still see how pretty they are.

I have a love hate with pergolas.... I love the shape, look and style of them, but I hate the function. I get that they are for shade and sitting on the porch during nice days, but I want a porch that I can sit on in not so nice weather.... Maybe we can build rotating pergola slats that you can close when it rains.... Hmmm... Patent that! I think a pergola and porch like this white one would add so much to our exterior.

There is a lot that I love about this house, I love the wildflower landscape.... This is my favorite landscaping theme ever. I love the style of the house, and the perfect orange, door. Very well done.

I wish I would have had my portrait lens so I could have taken one whole picture of this house. Isn't it beautiful? And the sun porch on the side, in the picture below. The balance on this house speaks to me. And thats my 2011 Summer Home tour!


  1. Great houses and yours looks awesome!

  2. Great houses and yours looks awesome!

  3. Ah ha ha ha!!!! look at Polly sneak into that picture! I LOVE THAT DOG! She just knows! wait for it... wait for it... POSE!

  4. Will you take me on a Salt Lake home tour please?

  5. People used to ask me if I was Asian in HS (it's these Hogan eyes), do I qualify to ride your tour bus? :) I'd love a tour a la Lindsay. Cute homes, I also love the wildflower look -- so cottage-y. I have always dreamed of moving to the East Coast somewhere and getting an old cottage and fixing it up just perfectly. Your house is looking so great! Thanks for loaning Andrew to my parents for a couple of weeks. Love you guys!