Friday, July 15, 2011

...Fixing a Leak...

No More Flooding! Drewpy rented a life sized toy and got to work. Drew using the excavator was 10% business 90% pleasure. Kid in a candy shop happy.... And I won't lie, it was pretty amazing... Drew turned the power off on me when I almost put the shovel through the window twice.... Kill Joy!

Drewpy dug...

....And dug....

....and dug some more.... Sexy arms huh? I know right!

...and played dug a little more...

Humoring me with pictures all along the way.... What a guy!

Then he sealed the concrete with tar, to form a waterproof barrier.

Cleo worked on being beautiful on the porch!

Then Drewpy reluctantly returned his rented toy... Al in a days work!

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  1. I was just about to ask what the hole was for then saw the title of your post! hehe. Looks like fun!