Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I'm totally hooked on instagram... If you have the iPhone app, you can follow me, lindsayredd, and catch a daily glimpse of what I see.... Above is Lilly rocking her pink high top chucks, and dress... She rocks some awesome outfits...

Drew's concrete countertop sample! We are going to make some awesome stuff, hopefully soon!

Doodles on drywall, while Drew figures out angles that are WAY over my head!

Still loving my $7 calculator watch!

Sidewalk chalk kind of morning!

Polly and her monkey baby, Mumford... This is like Caesar's baby doll! She takes him everywhere to cuddle! Cutest thing EVER!

My wine cork collection, slowly gathering enough to make a bathmat.... Feel free to send any my way... Getting antsy to start!

Laying the first tile...

....And then....

And then.... Drew risking fingers to get the little corner... So worth it!

Just a little sneak peak at the tile! It's AHHH.....Mazing! Stay tuned!

Cleo.... Love her!


  1. Um, hello - you are a freaking incredible photographer! Go Linds! I haven't been blog-stalking in a while and I just got caught up on your life! Looks like a blast! You are so freaking amazingly talented and crafty. Wow, I'm so dang impressed! Woohoo!

  2. Don't do it Drew!!! AHHH!! Freakin' me out and I love Mumford haha great name....

  3. I'm excited for the concrete countertops! I love seeing all the fun things you guys are up to.