Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Where We've Been...

Drew was standing outside talking to a neighbor one day, when he saw the google maps truck drive by. I am fascinated with google maps.... Way excited for Drew to become a superstar, caught on google cam! haha just kidding, but I pulled up google maps to see if it was updated yet, (wishful thinking) and see if I could see him, but instead I was shocked again, by before pictures of our house.... I truly forgot what it used to look like....
Yep.... That's it, somewhere behind those two massive pine trees, there's a house I promise.
There's a little peak at a window, look how scary and hidden it was! That chain link fence was the worst!
Those trees were beyond enormous!
And here we are now, not finished, but so much better! You can see the house! And I still love my yellow door.... And my camera hungry pooch! Thanks for following our journey!

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  1. Wow that is crazy how much it has changed. You guys have made it look so good!